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1v1 Training Sessions

You can read all the guides in the world, but we believe that the best kind of learning comes from getting your hands dirty (we still love guides, here is a good one to start with). That is why SkyAcademy’s core element will be one on one training. New players will have the opportunity to play with seasoned veterans to get real-time tips and advice. These sessions are meant to be nothing but informative. There is no toxicity here. Our coaches understand that new players have a lot to learn and they are willing to help.

Group Sessions

The next most important way we will help our new players is by hosting streaming sessions by veteran players via Discord. This will be a great way for multiple players to learn at once by watching a seasoned player do their thing and asking questions. This is also a great way for veteran players to really break down important intangibles such as basic decision making during a match.

Future Content

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SkyAcademy Tournaments

SkyWeaver fan Lore

Special Events

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