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SkyAcademy is a haven for new SkyWeaver players to learn from veteran players and improve their skills.

What is SkyAcademy?

SkyAcademy is a toxic-free environment for new players in SkyWeaver to learn the ins and outs of the game to improve their skills. Players that join SkyAcademy will learn directly from veteran players via one on one matches and group streaming sessions. We will also host tournaments exclusively for academy players so that they can try their hand at competitive play.

Want to be a Coach?

Do you love SkyWeaver and are at the top of the rankings? Do you also like teaching other players? We are looking for players that enjoy passing along their knowledge to other players and have the right mindset when working with new players. If you are interested in becoming a coach, please reach out to me via Discord: JontheNerd#9797 or reach out to us on Twitter.

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SkyAcademy is slowly opening up and will utilize Discord to host group sessions and allow players to sync up with veteran players. Clicking the button below will send you to our Discord community so you can get started right away.